Thank you for being interested enough to come here ^_^ !
To twitter users: You do not have to read any of this before following me! If you want to, though, that's a different story.

My full name is Clover Evyn Irvine! I also have quite a few nicknames.
I am 19 years old (April 3rd), and I am bigender and gay.
A lot of people ask me "But if you're bigender, why don't you say you're bisexual? How can you be gay if you're two genders?" It's much more ambiguous so it's safer for me to use IRL without outing myself as trans and causing me too much dysphoria.

My interests are music, theater, spirituality, aesthetics, and "cringe culture". I'm part of the nu-scene community and I do consider myself scene. There is a special place in my heart for nightcore and Warrior Cats AMVs that will never leave.
My favorite band of all time is Evanescence! Amy Lee has inspired me for much of my life. I love all her music...she's so incredibly talented. Besides Evanescence, I listen to a lot of speedcore, metal, coffeehouse, Jpop, Kpop, jazz, and whatever genre the Phish "Round Room" album fits into.
And just so you know where I stand on the never ending discourse... I love pineapple on pizza, and also black licorice.